about US


why choose us

We are one of the very few companies in the UK who aim to bridge the gap between the diaspora and Africa within the screen industries.  We have a team of talented creatives with a range of skills and qualifications in London, Accra and Los Angeles who are waiting to work with you. AAB Productions focus on producing and creating innovative content on screen.

We believe in the power of networking, join our team or work with us and develop long lasting, meaningful relationships internationally who you can then go on to create with in the future. 

Are you a filmmaker with little to no experience? AAB welcomes all types of creatives with different levels of experience to create with us, come and evolve your filmmaking skills!

how we work

As we are an international company, a lot of our work is done online until we go into production. Our CEO loves to merge her passions for travel and filmmaking by running productions abroad, giving opportunities for freelancers to not just do what they love but also get a cultural travel experience whilst working. 

We produce inhouse projects that our creative team of freelancers bring to life, we also outsource freelancers to come on board to ensure collaboration with other filmmakers, making opportunities accessible.

Creatives, companies and organisations hire us to produce or create - or both - their projects, whether that be writing a script for them, directing, producing, production running or all of the above. You can send us an email if you want to hire an individual service or if you want our team and pool of creatives to create/produce a production for you.

Our services

Motion Design

Animation visuals and motion graphics for brand advertisement and promotion, music video, social media creative animation and many more.


Hire for short and feature films, TV, webseries, music videos, commercials, documentaries and many more.


Editing for short and feature films, TV, behind the scenes, podcasts, youTube videos, content for social media, corporate videos, interviews, music videos and many more.


Videography for, short and feature films, behind the scenes,, interviews, music videos, documentaries, podcasts, short films, commercials and many more.

Production Assistant Service

Production Assistants can assist all the way from pre-production until the day of the shoot. Covering tasks such as, crew recruitment, cast shortlisting, arranging catering, doing recces and more.

Script Feedback & Script Writing

Script feedback and writers are available. The qualifications of our writers vary from bachelors degrees to a masters in Screenwriting and English Literature.


Our producers will assist with your projects from pre to post production. You are also able to choose if you need a producer for just development, production or post production.


Hire our talent in London, LA, Accra and surrounding areas. Request self tapes. We have a wide range of skills so any genre for production is available.

Our Team

CEO & Founder

Akua Abedi-Boafo

Founded this company in 2020 after coming back from a year abroad in Los Angeles in which she studied directing film and theater, acting on camera, real estate and Africana studies. She manages the company while managing and coordinating all productions and events. She is an executive producer, director, writer, producer and actress.