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AAB Productions International is a production house providing opportunities for upcoming filmmakers to produce and create innovative stories for underrepresented groups on screen, whilst evolving their filmmaking skills and networking within the screens industry.

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Merging the gap between the professional industry & upcoming filmmakers; AAB is also an informational source, giving filmmakers access to the relevant information needed to navigate their way within the screens industries.

With our teams in London, Accra and Los Angeles we collaborate with freelancers, organisations and companies to create and produce innovative stories spotlighting underrepresented voices.

Our Work

Our Day, Short Film

Our Day, is AAB Productions’ debut short film, shot in Accra, Ghana. This short film is a coming of age, romcom about a young boy who goes on a journey to get his first kiss, with the help of his best friend. Here the Executive Producer, Producer and Director Akua Abedi-Boafo is with our leading actors, Kofi Abebreseh, Oreila Quartey and Ohene Sarpong.

Jamestown, Accra

The crew shooting at their first location on day 2 of shooting Our Day, in Jamestown, Accra.

Documentary coming soon

Director and Producer Akua Abedi-Boafo with Videographer and Producer Caroline Akintunde shooting a documentary about the African Diaspora in Rome, Italy.


Director Akua Abedi-Boafo doing rehearsals to prepare for Our Day going into production, with Susan Arubi, playing the role of Aunty Mercy; Kofi Abebreseh, playing the role of David; Ohene Sarpong playing the role of Kofi; Gina Castel playing the role of Abena and Orelia Quartey playing the role of Esther, in Accra, Ghana.

A podcast currently in production

Industry professionals across our international cities are invited on to speak about their experiences and their journey within the film and television industry.

Final Scene at Square Beach

The crew shooting the last scene of Our Day near Independence Square Beach in Accra. In the photo is the Gaffer (Frank Adeji), Director of Photography ( Michael Gils Jr), on set Assistant Director ( Samuel Bravo) and the Executive Producer, Director and Producer ( Akua Abedi-Boafo)


Motion Design

Animation visuals and motion graphics for brand advertisement and promotion, music video, social media creative animation and many more.


Hire for short and feature films, TV, webseries, music videos, commercials, documentaries and many more.


Editing for short and feature films, TV, behind the scenes, podcasts, youTube videos, content for social media, corporate videos, interviews, music videos and many more.


Videography for, short and feature films, behind the scenes,, interviews, music videos, documentaries, podcasts, short films, commercials and many more.

Production Assistant Service

Production Assistants can assist all the way from pre-production until the day of the shoot. Covering tasks such as, crew recruitment, cast shortlisting, arranging catering, doing recces and more.

Script Feedback & Script Writing

Script feedback and writers are available. The qualifications of our writers vary from bachelors degrees to a masters in Screenwriting and English Literature.


Our producers will assist with your projects from pre to post production. You are also able to choose if you need a producer for just development, production or post production.


Hire our talent in London, LA, Accra and surrounding areas. Request self tapes. We have a wide range of skills so any genre for production is available.

Dennis Appiah-Danquah Film sound recordist (Ghana)

My experience with AAB productions has been nothing short of top professionalism. Scripts were sent about a month before production. Even before director Akua came down to Ghana where the production I was on was shot, we had a video call to discus the script and get more acquainted. This was expecially good for me coming on since I hadn't worked with AAB. When director got into town, there was location scout of which all technical crew were mandated to be present. A contract was sent and signed before principal photography and fees were paid promptly as stipulated in the contract. On set, Akua was very cordial and open to suggestions from the crew. She did her directorial work with precision and had already creat3d am environment devoid of tension and it was easy to come to her with technical difficulties and suggestions. Personally I been a sound recordist forbover 8years and I must say working with AAB was quiet a pleasant experience. I look forward to working with her again next time she has a project in Ghana or anywhere else she needs me to be

Kwame Afrika Photographer (Ghana)

It was my first experience working with a film production and engaging with a great pool of creatives and I intensely felt how the team worked with me , it also gave the opportunity to learn new skills and prepared me for pursuing my photography and filmmaking ambition

Frank Lighting Gaffer (Ghana)

Working with AAB production was a great experience I mean the way the whole film was directed had my aspect in regards to lighting told well and everything I needed from pre production till we went on set was made available.... so must say it was a great time working with AAB production thank you

Vincent Okih AAB Team Member (UK)

Working with AAB is a opportunity to create, travel and explore with your creativity. I enjoy working with AAB because not only are you pushed to your best, but you enjoy doing what you love with guidance and support. My favourite moment was creating a short film remotely. Although there was a lot of challenges, meeting with other filmmakers across the globe though the power of technology was a joy. Props to Akua and her team and long may AAB continue to rise.

Destinee Poole AAB Team Member (Los Angeles)

I am so grateful for my experience working with AAB Productions, especially as a novice Actress, Producer in the vast field of film. The projects I have contributed to have challenged me in ways that were so valuable, because it showed me a real glimpse of the industry. Being on a team committed to produce our vision in various mediums has been so enriching. I have been afforded a lot of great opportunities to collaborate with really talented artists. A lot of the people I’ve met have pushed me when I needed it most and helped me garner useful tools for breaking into the industry. I have gained a lot of knowledge on not only what it takes to produce content but also the value in being intentional with what we put out, to best represent the company. Working to make AAB a standout production company has been a great journey and I can’t wait to see where we can take it in the future!